What is Vistage?

For more than 50 years, Vistage has been making a difference in the lives and business of successful executives by bringing them together in groups of their peers from a wide range of industries with the goal of improving their business outcomes. Each group – comprised of up to 16 members from non-competitive industries – is fully focused on helping members help each other improve their businesses. They meet on a monthly basis to share their most challenging issues and, in return, receive the insights, advice, and experience of their fellow members. These confidential discussions are guided by their Vistage Chair: a professional facilitator who helps member really dig deep into the business issues they’re facing. With the help of other experienced executives, members turn “What to do?” into “What to do.”

In the Midwest, more than 1,100 business leaders have joined 90 who meet monthly to solve their toughest challenges and hold each other accountable for taking action. Members in cities from Denver to St. Louis to Minneapolis challenge the status quo, confront issues head-on and confidently put strategic plans into action through Vistage. In the Midwest, members work with their local peer advisory groups to get feedback from other executives who have overcome similar challenges. In the end, they get answers and take action.